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The player should be aware of the Three Blades principle; Class bonuses increase for the enemy fought, but are lowered for the two enemy Classes following. As there are six types, this means that the third Class following is untouched, and it in turn will only lower the two following it, leaving the first untouched. Three weapons should be designated: one that fights only Human and Phantom enemies, one that kills Beast and Dragon enemies, and one that fights Undead and Evil.

This works for Starting Weapons: Whichever weapons are chosen at the start of the game will acquire a great deal of Class bonuses. It is worthwhile searching for a good combine target for high-Class blades. For Starting Weapons, Affinities must be left to be acquired or lost as is inevitable.

It also works for crafting Ultimate Weapons: In this case, Raising weapon Affinities must be achieved at the same time. Second and successive playthroughs, in particular, are a source of much better items, but some players challenge themselves by attempting powerful combinations on the first or second playthrough.[1]

Dummies can be ignored, if the player wishes more of a challenge or simply finds dummy-bashing too boring, but should be used whenever possible when making Ultimate Weapons, as they speed up the gain of Class and Affinity immensely

Great Axe and Staff, with only six Tiers, are the shortest ladders up which you can take weapons that have accumulated a lot of Class and Affinity bonuses, rather than just throwing those weapons away because their Design is weak. They do not get some of the Best Combinations with other Designs, however.

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