Sixth Tier of the eight in Axe.

Tabars in non-precious metals actually drop at a lower rate (8/255) than the ones in Damascus (16/255) or Silver (26/255), but they can be found in Undercity West, Second Abandoned Mines, Limestone Quarry, First Iron Maiden and Second Iron Maiden. There is a HAGANE Tabar in a chest in Undercity West, in a room locked with a Sigil. Two Tabars will make the penultimate Axe, Bullova, and two Bullovas, a Crescent.

Ultimate Weapons Edit

See Best Combinations

There is an easily accessible DAMASCUS Tabar drop at 16/255 in Those Who Fear the Light in Temple of Kiltia. Ashley must have 149 HP or less-if he has 150 or more, a Damascus Shotel may be dropped instead. Collect four and combine to make a Crescent, and add a Khukuri to make a War Maul, and another Khukuri to make the ultimate Great Axe, Halberd.

For other purposes, a SILVER Tabar drops at 26/255 from a Crimson Blade Jackboot in Town Center East

Starting Weapons and other non-precious blades cannot be integrated into any of these Damascus or Silver blades, as the Godhands workshop in which both precious and non-precious metals can be worked, is not available until the middle of a New Game Plus.

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