Buffs affect Ashley beneficially and debuffs reduce the enemy's efficacy. Both buffs and debuffs can be further broken down into spells that affect stats, and spells that affect equipment values. These can all be Sorceries, the Sorceror's domain, but only those spells that change Affinity on weapons or armor are enchantments-Enchanter spells

Only one of the Sorceries that affect character stats, plus only one of the Sorceries that affect equipment values, can be on any creature at any time: eg: Ashley has cast Enlighten (sorcery that increases Intelligence) on himself, in anticipation of magical attacks. An enemy casts Tarnish (sorcery that weakens equipment) on him; the Enlighten remains. Ashley casts Luft Fusion, a Enchanter spell that increases the Air Affinity of his weapon; the enemy's Tarnish vanishes. An enemy casts Degenerate (sorcery; reduces Strength) on Ashley, and the Enlighten vanishes.

The same goes for certain pairs of Status Effects, whether in the Sorceror list or elsewhere. Poison status is replaced by the Shaman spell Surging Balm. Stun and Paralysis status effects can be induced by spells or combat abilities, but only one can be on Ashley or an enemy at any time.

Dispel can rid Ashley OR enemies of all status effects

Magic Ward sorcery can prevent ANY spells from hitting Ashley, even Silence. Or the ticks of Surging Balm? cannot remember-verify

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