Rhomphaia is the twelfth-Tier ultimate Sword; like Hand of Light and Holy Win, it has unusual properties in Combinations. Like all Swords, a Short Weapon, it can be used with a Shield. Like all Swords but the Rapier (Piercing), it is Edged Type, and is preferably used with Edged-Type Grips.

Like the Holy Win Great Sword and the Hand of Light Heavy Mace, it imparts its material type to any weapon without changing the Design.

Since Rhomphaia, like Hand of Light and Holy Win, combines to (almost) always make the other weapon Design (see Heavy Mace Combinations), it can be seen as separate from normal Progressions. There are exceptions:

Although it is seen on and wielded by a succession of Ghost-armor bosses in the first playthrough, it never drops from any of them, and cannot be obtained until a New Game Plus, in the Second Iron Maiden, with multiple drops of weapons at 10/255 or more, in HAGANE, SILVER and DAMASCUS. Many of the weapons are named, eg "Ascalon"; even some of the weapons carried by the bosses, that never drop are named, eg the "Fallen Angel" weapon from the Advanced Last Crusader boss in Temple of Kiltia

Boss Rhomphaias, in first playthrough, that never drop:

"Angel Kiss" HAGANE Rhomphaia - Side Ring


Actual drops: