Tier 2 Great Sword

Only two drops in the entire game, and no guaranteed drops or chests, making it a rare weapon. This is perhaps just as well, since it makes no productive combinations with other Great Swords. Thus it is rare only in the sense of being hard to obtain, not in the sense of being valuable.

Tier 1 Broad Sword is a Usurper of its place in the Progression, combining with Tier 3 Katana to make Tier 4 Executioner.

8/255: Skeleton Knight in Alchemists' Laboratory in the Sanctum

26/255: Crimson Blade Croix d'Aguerre in Rue Sant D'alsa in Leá Monde Western Town Center

Weapon Type RISK STR AGI Range
Norse Sword Edged 1 12 -2 4

Great Sword Combinations in Vagrant Story