Lea Monde Afar

Ivalice is the grander setting of Vagrant Story, and cities and towns in it are mentioned in dialogue. The cursed city of Leá Monde and four locations outside of Leá Monde are seen in cutscenes. Gameplay, however, is restricted to mostly Leá Monde, with the exception of a beginning sequence in Duke Bardoba's Manor.

The sections from Leá Monde onwards are presented as in the individual area pages: in order of appearance as they become accessible ingame.

Thus, for example, Undercity West is presented in five sections, for the parts of it that can be visited coming from Town Center West, City Walls East, Abandoned Mines B2, and then opened with the Silver Key and Rood Inverse.

For more on the history of the Vagrant Story setting created by Yasumi Matsuno, including events that occurred in the past and future and in other games, see the article Ivalice.

Within Ivalice lies the country of Valendia; it is an early-stage constitutional monarchy, with nobility wielding a considerable degree of power in politics, despite official power being in the hands of a Parliament. Valendia may well have carved itself considerable new territory in recent years, even to the extent of annexing other nearby nations. Anecdotal evidence is given of attempts at regime change by the more covert branches of the Valendia Knights of the Peace, in Ashley's flashbacks and the testimony of Rosencrantz.


Ashley, just outside of the shadow of the large oak tree on the crest of the hill where the crux of his life occurred. This place is seen repeatedly, in his memories and the visions induced by Sydney and the Dark

Factions Edit

  • Parliament
  • Kingsguard
  • Crimson Blades
  • Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP) with Head Quarters in Valnain
  • Müllunkamp (revived religion and political faction)
  • Nobility of Valendia, the only representative member being Duke Bardoba

Cutscene Locations Edit

Intro Location: VKP HQ

Cutscene Location: Duke Bardoba's Manor, Graylands

Cutscene Location: a mile away from Leá Monde, near the entrance to the Wine Cellar

Location of many cutscenes: an unnamed hill in Valendia. Ashley may have been here on a picnic, or on a mission. The mission may have been to kill his family, or kill an unnamed witness and their family, or another objective that accidentally resulted in the deaths of a family. Either way, this event and this place were pivotal in Ashley's life.

Map Edit


Compass Rose

See the Gameplay section of the Main Page for more on the map menu

A Compass is available on the Map screen, but sadly, not the screen Ashley uses to navigate and fight.

The Locations are listed differently on the map menu than in this page's section headings, below is the list of areas as presented in game, from top to bottom first, then left to right, linking to the section headings. 'Center' is the spelling in the North American release of the game; there is some evidence to suggest that the spelling 'Centre' may be used for the PAL version.

Links to location sections on this page, in alphabetical order:

Abandoned Mines B1 Great Cathedral L1 Snowfly Forest East
Abandoned Mines B2 Great Cathedral L2 Temple Of Kiltia
Catacombs Great Cathedral L3 Town Center East
City Walls East Great Cathedral L4 Town Center South
City Walls North Iron Maiden B1 Town Center West
City Walls South Iron Maiden B2 Undercity East
City Walls West Iron Maiden B3 Undercity West
Escapeway Limestone Quarry The Keep
Forgotten Pathway Sanctum Wine Cellar
Great Cathedral B1 Snowfly Forest

Duke Bardoba's Manor Edit


The Manor estate of Duke Aldous Byron Bardorba in the Graylands

Main article: Graylands Manor

There is no passage between the two areas; when one is finished, cutscenes roll and the new area is loaded; the player controls Ashley's placement and the timing and location of his sword swings. The Manor is not listed on the Map Menu.

Manor Courtyard
Manor Interior (Chapel)

Cutscene: Outside the tunnels leading under the dark waters wracked with whirlpools, that isolate Leá Monde from the rest of the world.

Leá Monde Edit

Wine Cellar Edit

See Main Article Leá Monde Wine Cellar

Entrance to Darkness Worker's Breakroom Hall of Struggle
Smokebarrel Stair Wine Guild Hall Wine Magnate's Chambers
Fine Vintage Vault Chamber of Fear The Reckoning Room
A Laborer's Thirst The Rich Drown in Wine Room of Rotten Grapes
Blackmarket of Wines The Gallows Room of Cheap Red Wine
The Greedy One's Den The Hero's Winehall

Catacombs Edit

See Main Article Leá Monde Catacombs

Hall of Sworn Revenge The Last Blessing The Weeping Corridor
Persecution Hall Rodent-Ridden Chamber Shrine to the Martyrs
The Lamenting Mother Hall of Dying Hope Bandits' Hideout
The Bloody Hallway The Withered Spring Workshop "Work of Art"
Repent, O ye Sinners The Reaper's Victims The Last Stab of Hope
Hallway of Heroes The Beast's Domain

Sanctum Edit

See Main Article Leá Monde Sanctum

Prisoners' Niche Corridor of the Clerics Priests' Confinement
Alchemists' Laboratory The Academia Corridor Theology Classroom
Shrine of the Martyrs Hallowed Hope Hall of Sacrilege
Advent Ground Passage of the Refugees The Cleansing Chantry
Stairway to the Light

Town Center West Edit

See Main Article Western Town Center
For the second half of the area, see the Town Center West (south of Tircolas Flow) section

The south half of this area is inaccessible on the first visit. The Tircolas Flow blocks the way, and the Cloudstone that later ferries back and forth across it is frozen in place.

Rue Vermillion The Rene Coastroad Workshop "Magic Hammer"
Rue Mal Fallde Tircolas Flow Rue Bouquet
Glacialdra Kirk Ruins Rue Sant D'alsa Dinas Walk
Villeport Way

City Walls West Edit

See Main Article Walls of Leá Monde

Students of Death The Gabled Hall Where the Master Fell

First Abandoned Mines Edit

(Abandoned Mines B1)

See Main Article First Abandoned Mines of Leá Monde (Vagrant Story)
Dreamers' Entrance The Crossing Miners' Resting Hall
Conflict and Accord The End of the Line The Earthquake's Mark
Coal Mine Storage The Suicide King The Battle's Beginning
What Lies Ahead? The Fruits of Friendship The Passion of Lovers
The Hall of Hope The Dark Tunnel Rust in Peace
The Smeltry Clash of Hyaenas Greed Knows No Bounds
Live Long and Prosper Pray to the Mineral Gods Traitor's Parting

Town Center West (South of Tircolas Flow) Edit

See the South of Tircolas Flow section of the Main Article 'Western Town Center'
For the north side room listings in this article, see Town Center West

Upon reentering the western town center from Abandoned Mines, the Cloudstone begins moving properly, and the north side and south are linked.

Rue Bouquet Tircolas Flow Glacialdra Kirk Ruins
Rue Sant D'alsa Villeport Way Dinas Walk

Undercity West Edit

See Undercity West
For the other sections of the city on this page, see South Side and Northeast Side

The Undercity is a large area that become accessible a chunk at a time. Some of it is blocked off by the Iron Key, some by the Silver Key, the far side of the Crumbling Market by the Gold Key, which is only available after the game has been beaten once, and played through a second time. This is known as New Game Plus, or second playthrough. Some of the rooms in the area require Sigils.

The Bread Peddler's Way Way of the Mother Lode Sewer of Ravenous Rats
Underdark Fishmarket The Sunless Way Remembering Days of Yore
Hall of Poverty The Washing Woman's Way Where the Hunter Climbed

Snowfly Forest Edit

See Main Article Snowfly Forest

It is necessary to visit 16 of the 26 areas in Snowfly Forest to complete the game, and three more to also kill the Damascus Crab boss.

The Hunt Begins Which Way Home The Giving Trees
The Wounded Boar Golden Egg Way The Birds and the Bees
The Woodcutter's Run The Wolves' Choice Howl of the Wolf King
Fluttering Hope Traces of the Beast The Yellow Wood
They Also Feed Where Soft Rains Fell The Spirit Trees
The Silent Hedges Lamenting to the Moon The Hollow Hills
Running with the Wolves You Are the Prey The Secret Path
The Faerie Circle Return to the Land Forest River
Hewn from Nature The Wood Gate

City Walls South Edit

See Main Article Walls of Leá Monde

The Weeping Boy Swords for the Land In Wait of the Foe
Where Weary Riders Rest The Boy's Training Room

The Keep Edit

See the section Leá Monde Keep for a short list of the Time Trials in The Keep and the Main Article Time Trials for information about the Time Trials and rooms in The Keep

An exit whence ye came, and other exits to a multitude of currently inaccessible Time Trial rooms, Iron Maiden B1 (only a short sojourn possible here, just long enough to pick up the Mandrake Sigil; the Tearose Sigil is needed to go further) Keane's Crafts, and after a boss battle in the courtyard, Town Center South.

The Soldier's Bedding A Storm of Arrows Urge The Boy On
A Taste of the Spoils Wiping Blood From Blades The Warrior's Rest
Workshop "Keane's Crafts"

Town Center South Edit

See Main Article Southern Town Center

As regards navigation and the main storyline, the objective is to get to Bandit's Hollow. There is a short path through City Walls East and Undercity West (South Side), and a long way, under pressure of a timer, through the Second Abandoned Mines. Abandoned Mines is completely optional. There is a tough Dark Elemental boss battle standing in the way, but assuming the player is up for that, there is nothing else preventing going forward and getting powerful, and only returning to Abandoned Mines B2 to come back and slap the Orcs silly and steal their loot .

The Town Center itself is a big area, with lots of rooftops to leap across. Good practice for running past things without engaging them in battle.

Forcas Rise Rue Aliano Valdiman Gates
The House Khazabas Zebel's Walk Rue Volnac
Rue Faltes Rue Morgue

City Walls East Edit

See Main Article Walls of Leá Monde

Train and Grow Strong The Squire's Gathering The Invaders are Found
The Dream Weavers The Cornered Savage

Undercity West (South Side) Edit

See Main Article Undercity West

Second Abandoned Mines Edit

(Abandoned Mines B2)

See Main Article Second Abandoned Mines of Leá Monde (Vagrant Story)

Most of this is an optional area, one of two ways to get to Bandit's Hollow from Town Center South.

After the battle in Dining in Darkness, the Tearose Sigil is obtained and the optional area The First Iron Maiden area becomes accessible. Getting Teleportation before going there is more efficient in terms of travel time.

Corridor of Shade Revelation Shaft Gambler's Passage
The Miner's End Treaty Room Way of Lost Children
Hidden Resources Desire's Passage Senses Lost
Crossing of Blood The Abandoned Catspaw Hall of Contemplation
Hall of the Empty Sconce Acolyte's Burial Vault The Fallen Bricklayer
Cry of the Beast The Ore of Legend Suicidal Desires
Lambs to the Slaughter A Wager of Noble Gold Kilroy Was Here
A Wager of Noble Gold Fool's Gold, Fool's Loss Tomb of the Reborn
The Lunatic Veins Work, Then Die Bandits' Hollow
Dining in Darkness Subtellurian Horrors

Undercity West (Crumbling Market) Edit

See Main Article Undercity West

City Walls North Edit

See Main Article Walls of Leá Monde

Traces of Invasion Past From Squire to Knight Be for Battle Prepared
Destruction and Rebirth From Boy to Hero A Welcome Invasion

Town Center East Edit

See Main Article Eastern Town Center

Rue Lejour Kesch Bridge Rue Crimnade
Workshop "Junction Point" Rue Fisserano Workshop "Metal Works"
Shasras Hill Park Plateia Lumitar Gharmes Walk
The House Gilgitte

Undercity East (First part) Edit

See Undercity East

Hall to a New World Place of Free Words Bazaar of the Bizarre
Noble Gold and Silk Weapons Not Allowed A Knight Sells his Sword
Gemsword Blackmarket The Pirate's Son Sale of the Sword
The Gallows

Undercity East (Second part) Edit

See Undercity East

Taking the Aster Sigil from the chest in Catspaw Blackmarket is the first trigger of a condition that sends Ashley to a preset location to fight Crimson Blade Commanders, removes Blood Lizards with valuable Damascus armor from a Walls North room, and puts the Phantom Dummy in their place. See City Walls North and Combinations tips articles.

The Greengrocer's Stair Where Black Waters Ran Arms Against Invaders
Catspaw Blackmarket

First Iron Maiden Dungeon Edit

See Main Article First Dungeon of the Iron Maiden (Vagrant Story)

Although the first two rooms can be accessed as soon as Ashley comes to the door in The Keep, the Tearose Sigil is required to pass further, and is not obtained until the enemy is defeated in Dining in Darkness It is an optional area, and The Steel Key, not available until the second playthrough, is required to complete the whole area.

In the first part of Undercity East, the Teleportation ability is acquired. This speeds up getting around considerably.

The first Iron Maiden rooms contain Undead and Phantom enemies, two Dragon bosses and an Evil boss. A Major Gem of each of the four primary elements can be obtained here. It is the only place in the game to get a HAGANE Heater shield, although of course Iron and Bronze ones can be Combined.

The Cage The Cauldron Wooden Horse
Starvation The Breast Ripper The Branks
The Wheel The Pear The Judas Cradle
The Whirligig Spanish Tickler Heretic's Fork
The Chair of Spikes Blooding Bootikens
Burial Burning Cleansing the Soul
The Ducking Stool The Garotte Hanging
Impalement Knotting

Limestone Quarry Edit

See Main Article Limestone Quarry

With 31 rooms, the largest area in the game. Numerous Magic Circles give ample opportunity for a break.

Dark Abhors Light Dream of the Holy Land The Ore Road
Atone for Eternity Stair to Sanctuary The Fallen Hall
The Rotten Core The Air Stirs Bonds of Frienship
Bacchus is Cheap Screams of the Wounded The Ore-Bearers
The Dreamer's Climb Sinner's Sustenence The Timely Dew of Sleep
Companions in Arms The Auction Block The Laborer's Bonfire
Stone and Sulfurous Fire Torture Without End Way Down
Excavated Hollow Parting Regrets Corridor of Tales
Dust Shall Eat the Days Hall of the Wage-Paying Tunnel of the Heartless
Ants Prepare for Winter Where the Serpent Hunts Drowned in Fleeting Joy

Temple of Kiltia Edit


Whether any part of the city of the Müllenkamp religion other than the Temple of Kiltia still exist, or whether Iocus' followers razed it all, the Great Cathedral is the same ground Mullenkamp's followers worshipped on

See Main Article Temple of Kiltia

Near the end of the first playthrough, this could well be as easy as it gets, in terms of the player's power vs that of the enemies, if the player has taken full advantage of all possible paths to power. Those Who Fear the Light offers a lucrative grinding opportunity for those inclined to do so in the first playthrough, with DAMASCUS drops

The Dark Coast Hall of Prayer Those who Drink the Dark
The Chapel of Meschaunce The Resentful Ones Those who Fear the Light
Chamber of Reason Exit to City Center

Great Cathedral Edit

See Main Article Great Cathedral

Numerous bosses, and quite a maze to navigate, with quite a bit of jumping to do

Basement Edit

Struggle for the Soul Order and Chaos Truth and Lies
Sanity and Madness The Victor's Laurels An Offering of Souls

Ground Floor Edit

Into Holy Battle Cracked Pleasures Hieratic Recollections
The Flayed Confessional Where Darkness Spreads Monk's Leap
Sin and Punishment The Poisoned Chapel A Light in the Dark

Second Floor Edit

Free from Base Desires Abasement from Above The Hall of Broken Vows
Light and Dark Wage War An Arrow into Darkness He Screams for Mercy
Maelstrom of Malice The Acolyte's Weakness The Melodics of Madness
What Ails You, Kills You The Convent Room

Third Floor Edit

The Wine-Lecher's Fall The Heretics' Story Hopes of the Idealist
Despair of the Fallen Where the Soul Rots

Fourth Floor Edit

The Atrium

Dome of the Cathedral Edit

Great Cathedral Dome

Special: The Keep Time Trials Edit

See the Main Article Time Trials for more information about the Time Trials and rooms in The Keep

Many of these Sigils are acquired during the game after passing some landmark, sometimes as a similar form of the creatures in the Trials are defeated (e.g. defeating the Dark Dragon opens up the Snow Dragon timed trial and defeating Asura opens up her own Time Trial).

See Sigil for their sources and Time Trials for all details of the encounters

Room Sigil (North Door) Foe Sigil (South Door) Foe
A Storm of Arrows Kalmia Minotaur Columbine Dragon
Urge the Boy On Anemone Earth Dragon Verbena Snow Dragon
A Taste of the Spoils Schirra Damascus Golem Marigold Damascus Crab
Wiping Blood from Blades Azalea Ogre Zombie + Death Tigertail Asura

Rood Inverse Areas Edit

Some areas cannot be accessed in the first playthrough. They either require the Rood Inverse to enter, or the Gold Key, which itself requires the Rood Inverse.

Forgotten Pathway Edit

See Main Article Forgotten Pathway

Snowfly Forest East Edit

See Main Article Snowfly Forest

Source for Platinum Key

The Escapeway Edit

See Main Article The Escapeway

Path to the Gold Key

Second Iron Maiden Edit

(Iron Maiden B2)

See Main Article Second Dungeon of the Iron Maiden (Vagrant Story)

This dungeon, and the next, are as tough as it gets in Vagrant Story, in terms of the raw stats of the enemies. They never get as easy as other areas, due to the infinite maze and poor lighting, but it can become routine with sufficient practice and a good travel plan.

The Eunics' Lot Ordeal By Fire Tablillas
The Oven at Neisse Strangulation Pressing
The Strappado The Mind Burns Thumbscrews
The Rack The Saw Ordeal By Water
The Cold's Bridle Brank The Shin-Vice
Squassation The Spider Lead Sprinkler
Pendulum Dragging Tongue Slicer
Tormentum Insomniae

Third Iron Maiden Edit

(Iron Maiden B3)

See Main Article Third Dungeon of the Iron Maiden (Vagrant Story)
The Iron Maiden Saint Elmo's Belt
Judgement Dunking the Witch

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  • Enemy FAQ by J Tilton. JT retrieved the data on entities and their locations from the game code of Vagrant Story that is the basis for the lists here and at 'Locations in Vagrant Story'. J Tilton's list of Entities has here been wholly rearranged by Class first, and then alphabetical order, to give a different utility, more suitable for a wiki with links, than alphabetical order alone.