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A corridor filled with doors that open up with Sigils

The Warrior's Rest and the Workshop are encountered after the other Time Trial rooms but are presented here first.

The Soldier's Bedding Edit

Exits to First Dungeon of the Iron Maiden, City Walls South, and a passage locked with the Iron Key (not obtainable until the second playthrough New Game Plus)

The Warrior's Rest Edit

A large courtyard East of the Time Trial rooms, accessed after them.

Triggered Condition: Obligatory battle, triggered by attempting to open the exit door to Town Center South:
Rosencrantz uses the Vile Scar Sword Break Art when Ashley is not poisoned, then other Sword Break Arts. Since Vile Scar does good damage as well as poison, and the cure takes as much time and/or costs as much power as a HP Recovery, and drastically reduces overall DPS (Damage Per Second), removing the Poison effect is counterindicated until after the battle.

Exits to Town Center South, Workshop Keane's Crafts, and #Wiping Blood from Blades

Workshop "Keane's Crafts" Edit

Main article: Keane's Crafts

BRONZE, IRON, and HAGANE can be crafted here.

Teleportation from The Keep and surrounding areas, when teleportation is acquired, runs parallel to Undercity West, so that it is only one jump from here to Sinner's Corner.

Time Trials Edit

Trials and SigilsEdit

Many of these Sigils are acquired during the game after passing some landmark, sometimes as a similar form of the creatures in the Trials are defeated (e.g. defeating the Dark Dragon opens up the Snow Dragon timed trial and defeating Asura opens up her own Time Trial).

See Sigil for the sources of the Sigils

Room Sigil (North Door) Foe Sigil (South Door) Foe
A Storm of Arrows Kalmia Minotaur Columbine Dragon
Urge the Boy On Anemone Earth Dragon Verbena Snow Dragon
A Taste of the Spoils Schirra Damascus Golem Marigold Damascus Crab
Wiping Blood from Blades Azalea Ogre Zombie plus Death Tigertail Asura

Trial Rooms Edit

A Storm of Arrows Edit

Minotaur Edit

North Door
Kalmia Sigil

Dragon Edit

South Door
Columbine Sigil

Urge The Boy On Edit

Earth Dragon Edit

North Door
Anemone Sigil

Snow Dragon Edit

 South Door
Verbena Sigil

A Taste of the Spoils Edit

Damascus Golem Edit

North Door
Schirra Sigil

Damascus Crab Edit

South Door
Marigold Sigil

Wiping Blood from Blades Edit

Ogre Zombie plus Death Edit

North Door
Azalea Sigil

Asura Edit

South Door
Tigertail Sigil

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