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Optional (and lucrative) Area: City Walls North
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The names substituted for the letters A-K denoting the different types of Crimson Blades are not from Vagrant Story. Neither are the letters A-K, as such.

The East, and last side of Lea Monde's city center (there is no North side) is more dynamic in terms of elevations and obstructions than the previous city center areas.

The area adjacent to the Town Center, City Walls North, is better for DAMASCUS armor pieces, some of them only available before the Phantom Training Dummy, but the Town Center has many useful pieces. Tilt Gloves and medium-high Tier weapons mostly, but also some SILVER pieces for Rare Combinations on the second playthrough once Godhands is available, or for combining with the few DAMASCUS pieces available on the first playthrough, at the only SILVER and DAMASCUS Workshop in the first playthrough: Metal Works, also in Town Center East in the Rue Fisserano. For instance, Rue Crimnade has the SILVER Tabar, invaluable for making high-level DAMASCUS Polearm pieces in combination with HAGANE Staves

JTilton, the creator of the computer program which extracted much of the info that the community has on individual enemies and their drops, himself gave a disclaimer for the Room of Cheap Red Wine that the program interacted with the game in unexpected ways, declaring that "There's a note attached to Mandel saying he's only here before you get here". There seems to be a similar glitch in Town Center East, where its entities are identified as not spawning until Ashley enters the area before it. This would be of great importance to the area, its inhabitants, and probably even players, if Tron were real.

Rue Lejour Edit

Door to Abandoned Mines B2

  • Magic Circle (Save, and around this time, Teleport)

No enemies

Kesch Bridge Edit

  • Magic Circle (Save, and around this time, Teleport)

One exit to each end of City Walls North: to 'From Squire to Knight' on the South side of the river, and 'From Boy to Hero' on the North.

Some 'rooms' such as Kesch Bridge have triggers on them that could not possibly apply, most likely remnants of the game making process. Ashley may at one point have been able to get to the Bridge before killing the Dragon at Dining in Darkness; the Blades here are designed to start spawning once that happens.

Three Crimson Blades stationed near the river crossing, who will cross the river in either direction to attack.

  • Crimson Blade (Jackboot Type). Head: 'Cure Poison'
IRON Tilt Glove 13/255 SILVER Plate Glove 13/255 IRON Basinet 13/255 HAGANE Brigandine 13/255 HAGANE Jambeau 13/255

IRON Sabre Halberd + Gendarme grip 26/255. Vera Root 32/255

  • Crimson Blade (Knavier Type). Head: 'Restoration'

Should Ashley take to popping in and out of 'From Boy to Hero' to kill the 220 HP-triggered Blood Lizard for his DAMASCUS Gauntlets, this crossbow wielder is the one that will occasionally do a 100-150 point critical hit before Ashley can even turn around to go back in. The safest defense would be to heal before exiting City Walls, but this is not always possible, as the Blood Lizards are much more likely to critical hit. Holding down the L2 button when zoning or promptly hitting the triangle and immediately healing is the next best option.

IRON Plate Glove 13/255 HAGANE Basinet 13/255 SILVER Brigandine 13/255 HAGANE Jambeau 13/255

HAGANE Cranequin + Javelin Bolt grip 26/255. Vera Root 32/255

  • Crimson Blade (Ignate Type). 'Heal', 'Prostasia', 'Herakles', 'Magic Cancel'

Iggie's Casserole shield is very tempting to farm, but two Heaters will be needed for every Casserole (the alternative is four items: two Casseroles and two of either Kite or Round).

HAGANE Plate Glove 13/255 HAGANE Tilt Glove 13/255 IRON Barbut 13/255 HAGANE Scale Armor 13/255 HAGANE Poleyn 13/255

HAGANE Falchion + Counter Guard grip. IRON Casserole Shield + Talos Feldspar gem + Sylphid Topaz gem. Vera Root 26/255

Rue Crimnade Edit

Exit to Workshop Junction Point

The Crimson Blade Ignate with a two handed sword carries a DAMASCUS Rondanche, but unfortunately that piece has very low Pierce resistance. Better off farming Gauntlets. The Knavier with the Gloomwing Great Axe, on the other hand, has a SILVER Armet that has the tricksy capability of combining with Leather pieces (on the second playthrough, at Godhands workshop) to make a DAMASCUS Sallet. See Rare Combinations.

  • Crimson Blade Ignate. Head: Spell: Restoration
HAGANE Rondanche 13/255 DAMASCUS Rondanche 13/255 IRON Basinet 13/255 HAGANE Brigandine 13/255 HAGANE Jambeau 13/255

IRON Schiavona 26/255, Counter Guard, Vera Root 32/255

  • Crimson Blade Jackboot. Head: Spells: Lightning Bolt, Vulcan Lance, Magic Cancel, Restoration
SILVER Plate Glove 13/255 IRON Tilt Glove 13/255 HAGANE Barbut 13/255 IRON Scale Armor 13/255 HAGANE Poleyn 13/255

| BRONZE Heater Shield 26/255, Dragonite, Salamander Ruby. SILVER Tabar 26/255, Gendarme, Vera Root 32/255

  • Crimson Blade Knavier. Head: Spell: Cure Curse
HAGANE Rondanche 13/255 HAGANE Rondanche 13/255 SILVER Armet 13/255 IRON Brigandine 13/255 HAGANE Missaglia 13/255

HAGANE Gloomwing 26/255, Heavy Grip, Vera Root 32/255 |}

Workshop "Junction Point" Edit

Main article: Junction Point
  • WOOD, LEATHER, BRONZE, IRON and HAGANE items can be crafted here
  • Container, Magic Circle

No Enemies

Rue Fisserano Edit

  • Traps: Heal Panel

Door to Metal Works

Workshop "Metal Works" Edit

Main article: Metal Works


Shasras Hill Park Edit

  • Crimson Blade Ignate: Head: Heal, Prostasia, Herakles, Magic Cancel
IRON Plate Glove 13/255 IRON Plate Glove 13/255 HAGANE Barbut 13/255 IRON Brigandine 13/255 IRON Poleyn 13/255
HAGANE Shotel 26/255: Counter Guard, HAGANE Kite Shield 26/255: Trinity, Gnome Emerald Vera Root 32/255
SILVER Tilt Glove 13/255 IRON Plate Glove 13/255 HAGANE Barbut 13/255 IRON Scale Armor 13/255 IRON Poleyn 13/255
IRON Trident 26/255 Winged Pole, Vera Root 32/255
Exit to Undercity East

Plateia Lumitar Edit

Magic Circle, Heal panel

Gharmes Walk Edit

Evil Training Dummy. Also raises Light affinity

The House Gilgitte Edit

Chest: "Ribsplitter" Dagger : HAGANE Khukuri: Power Palm,Dragonhead, 5 Faerie Wing, Audentia

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  • Mapy Squarezone - Maps. Polish site, but most of the words from the game are in English in any case. Why did no one else think to arrange a guide this way? Ahem.

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