The twelfth, ultimate Tier of the Dagger Design; a Short Weapon that can be used with a Shield. Jamadhar is extremely easy to make in SILVER, due to the large numbers of Quicksilvers and Shriekers that drop SILVER Baselards, four of which makes a Jamadhar. It is considerably more difficult to make in Damascus.

Damascus Jamadhar Edit

Twenty-eight blades are required, and it does not become easier in successive playthroughs, other than through the normal accumulation of blades.

  1. Damascus Shotel 5th Tier Swords drop at 16/255 (eight required) in Those Who Fear the Light. Ashley must be at 150 HP or above. DAMASCUS Tabar 6th Tier Axes drop at 16/255 (eight required) in the same room drop at 149 HP or below; two make a Bullova
  2. SILVER Baselards drop at 8/255 (twelve required) from six of the Quicksilvers in the second half of Undercity East (after the workshop to use Damascus and Silver is found). Combine with the Bullova to make Damascus Kris, and the Shotels directly to make Damascus Hatchet
Kris + Hatchet = Khukuri
Khukuri + Hatchet = Baselard
Baselard + Baselard = Stiletto
Stiletto + Stiletto = Jamadhar