All Heavy Mace Combinations are of interest because of Prevalance; any result is always the Material of the Heavy Mace. The Hand of Light Heavy Mace has the best 'reach', or attack radius among melee weapons in the game, with a rating of seven. Like the Holy Win Great Sword and Rhomphaia Sword, it imparts its material type to any weapon without changing the Design, but it is only found in IRON or HAGANE. Polearms, with five or six attack radius, are second best. Other Heavy Maces, along with Great Axes and Great Swords have four, less impressive but still more than any of the one-hand weapons.

Heavy Maces' attack Strength is 5.5 + (Tier level x 4.5), rounded down. This makes them among the highest Strength weapons in the game. The Hand of Light does not fit into this formula; but then, it does not fit into many other regular schema either.

The highest listed damage in the game is Heavy Mace's Destroyer, with 36, beating the Halberd Great Axe and even the rare Holy Win with 35.

No Damascus Heavy Maces are available in the entire game; they must be crafted.[1]

On the other hand, there are enough Heavy Maces in treasure chests to craft the highest level Destroyer, given the addition of a Sabre Mace, which is easily and usefully combined from the starting Scimitar blade; for more on this, see Sword

Tier and ProgressionEdit

Design by Tier. Heavy Mace has normal Progression inasmuch as most Designs do not incorporate the first Tier, and the top two Tiers are created by duplicates of the Tiers beneath them

Break Arts Edit

Main article: Break Arts#Heavy Mace

Numbing is weak against Ashley, but most enemies are physical attack

  • Bonecrusher. Affinity: As weapon. Type: Blunt. Energy release metes out a bone-crushing blow. Cost: 25 HP. Requirements: 20 kills
  • Quickshock. Affinity: Air. Type: Blunt. Numbs foe with a damaging strike. Cost: 40 HP. Requirements: 95 kills
  • Ignis Wheel. Affinity: As weapon & Fire. Type: Piercing. A spreading sheet of flame engulfs foe. Cost: 55 HP. Requirements: 205 kills
  • Hex Flux . Affinity: Light & Dark. Type: Blunt. Fuses power of light and darkness in one. Cost: 75 HP. Requirements: 385 kills[2]

Combinations Edit

In a New Game Plus, Rare Combinations with Staves can make DAMASCUS Heavy Maces that, because of Design Prevalence, will transmute other materials to DAMASCUS.

First Blade Second Blade DAMASCUS Result
IRON Staff SILVER Great Axe Heavy Mace, Great Axe, Staff,
Polearm, Crossbow
SILVER Axe/Mace HAGANE Staff Heavy Mace, Mace, Polearm,
Staff, Axe,Crossbow,
HAGANE Dagger SILVER Staff Heavy Mace, Staff, Dagger,
Polearm, Crossbow

There are a great many SILVER Daggers and a few SILVER Swords, which can combine to make SILVER Axe, Great Axe, Great Sword or Mace

Damascus Destroyer Edit

Main article: Best Combinations#Damascus Destroyer

In the first playthrough, DAMASCUS Tabar can be combined with daggers and a staff (all lower Prevalence, and thus of any material, but only Silver at the Metal Works Workshop in the first playthrough) to make a Destroyer of four blades thusly: Tabar + Khukuri = War Maul, + Khukuri = Halberd, + Sage's Cane = Destroyer.
There are other useful dagger+staff combinations:

  • Twelve-blade Wakizashi + Sage's Cane = Destroyer.

Stats Edit

Weapon Type RISK STR INT AGI Range
Langdebeve Blunt 1 10 0 -2 4
Sabre Mace Blunt 1 14 0 -3 4
Footman's Mace Blunt 2 19 0 -3 4
Gloomwing Blunt 2 23 0 -4 4
Mjolnir Blunt 2 27 0 -4 4
Griever Blunt 3 32 0 -5 4
Destroyer Blunt 3 36 0 -5 4
Hand of Light Blunt 1 30 0 -7 7

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References Edit

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