HAGANE is the mid-range material in Vagrant Story. It has no particularly great weaknesses or strengths against a particular Class. It has very high Physical Affinity whether as Armor or Weapons. As Armor, it has slight weaknesses against Earth and Water, Light and Dark; these weaknesses are the strengths of Hagane weapons.

Hagane can be crafted out of BRONZE and IRON as early as the Magic Hammer workshop in Town Center West, but the resulting Hagane cannot be worked on there. At the next workshop, "Keane's Crafts" in The Keep, all three metals can be crafted, and the same goes for the penultimate first-playthrough workshop in Town Center West, "Junction Point".

Materials impart Strength and Intelligence bonuses to Armor. Armor made of Hagane and other such heavy, tough materials will give a slight decrease to Dexterity. Materials impart Strength bonuses to Weapons, other than Staff weapons, which also receive Intelligence bonuses. Materials impart Affinity and Class to all equipment. These are intrinsic properties of Materials, which hold true for pieces dropped or looted from a chest no matter what happens to the item afterwards. Affinity and Class can change during combat or by crafting.

Weapons are affected by Break Arts, Enchantments, the intrinsic bonuses of enemy body parts together with the bonuses of armor enemies wear (and their shields, if the Left Arm is attacked). Armor is affected by Enchantments, Warlock Spells, Heal, enemy melee attacks, enemy special attacks, and enemy magic.

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Notable Hagane items

(See the next section for the most efficient means of obtaining Type bonus maximums on armor)

HAGANE drops will make up the bulk of any good strategy to maximize Type bonuses on armor, and Hagane weapons are more than adequate to the task of fighting, until maximized Damascus weapons can be created. Hagane drops become quite common from the middle to the end of the first playthrough.

  • Forest River in the Snowfly Forest has a one armed Zombie Knight with a Hagane Firangi, and a two armed Zombie Knight with a Hagane Tower Shield. Both drop these items the very high (for equipment) drop chance of 32/255. This location comes so early in the game that the Hagane workshop is still an area (City Walls South and a half (the rest of Snowfly Forest) away.
  • Town Center East, as might be expected for the final above-ground area in the game, features well-armed and armored Crimson Blades, with better equipment, and a better chance of dropping it, on the whole, than did enemies in previous areas.
  • Limestone Quarry is Hagane Central. Most of the drops are Hagane, albeit not particularly high in Tier, and the drop rate is low, never exceeding 8/255.
  • The First Iron Maiden dungeon has various Hagane high-Tier drops, including three Casserole shields and a Heater shield.
  • All players will be well served to pick up the complete set of Hagane Fluted armor in chests in the Great Cathedral, especially those who favor multiple playthroughs over other kinds of grinding, or players who want to complete the game as quickly as possible.
  • The second playthrough, as might be expected, offers great rewards for those pursuing armor and weapon perfection, including two chances at Fluted Armor drops in the Forgotten Pathway, and multiple Hoplite pieces in chests in the Second and Third Iron Maiden dungeons.

Hagane Tilt Gloves

Main article: Morph

HAGANE Tilt Gloves are one of the best and easiest to obtain sources of Type bonuses. Newly opened areas in the second playthrough are filled with Liches armored thusly.

Head pieces can then be made by combining Tilt Gloves with Body or Leg pieces. Or Body pieces can be made with Tilt Gloves and Head pieces

The weakness of making DAMASCUS pieces before the final combination is that Arms in the form of Hagane Tilt Gloves cannot be added and still keep the Damascus material. This is because all of the combinations involving Arms either require or result in Helms; Helms will not retain the Damascus material in any combination with any non-Damascus Equipment. One combination with Arm pieces is with Helm as the second ingredient, in which case even if it is Damascus it will not remain Damascus. The other two result in Helms, which again would lose Damascus in the next combination.

It is possible to keep a Damascus piece Damascus (or retain any other desired material), while taking it full circle through all of the Equipment types using one or a series of Morphs.

Damascus Leg + Body/Helm = Damascus Arm. Damascus Arm + Head = Damascus Body. Damascus Body + Helm = Damascus Leg.

Keeping good Type bonuses on such a piece, let alone increasing them, is another matter entirely.

Intrinsic Bonuses of Hagane

See Affinity, Class and Type in Vagrant Story and Best Loot

Two armor pieces of the same Design and Tier but of different Materials will have different Strength and Intelligence bonuses. Thus it can be seen that Strength and Intelligence are intrinsic properties of Material types.

Establishing a base value for the bonuses is a purely arbitrary decision. The only guide on the subject shows radically different values (even given the different baseline),[1] so it is possible that Type, also, varies from piece to piece.

Defense Bonuses
Armor Strength Intelligence Agility
Hagane + 7 + 4 - 2

Attack Bonuses
Weapon Strength Intelligence Agility

Affinity and Class of average Hagane items

In addition to chest items and late-game drops, there are other exceptions to these norms. For example, the Crossbow-wielding Crimson Blade Knavier in Kesch Bridge can drop a SILVER Brigandine with -1 to Elemental and Light Affinities, rather than -5. Unlike these anomalous exceptions, Wizard Robes are consistent in always having an Affinity bonus five points higher than other Leather.

Affinity affects armor differently than it does weapons. Class bonuses for armor are the same as for weapons, but Affinity bonuses of a material which are high for armor will be low for weapons and vice versa.

Example: Silver:
SILVER Armor:Physical +5; Elemental -5; Light -5, Dark +20
SILVER Weapon: Physical +5; Elemental +5; Light +20, Dark -5

Values below arbitrarily chosen from items that drop frequently. Higher Tier items of a given Equipment group, and items from chests, may have higher starting values. E.g. IRON Brigandine that drops from the Crimson Blade Knavier in Rue Crimnade is several points higher in both Affinities and Class (8 - 1 - 5 - 1 - 1 - 0) than the most common Iron shown below.

Armor-Class Human Beast Undead Phantom Dragon Evil
Bonus 5 5 1 0 5 5
Armor-Affinity Physical Air Fire Earth Water Light Dark
Bonus 14 3 3 -5 -5 -5 -5
Weapons-Class Human Beast Undead Phantom Dragon Evil
Bonus 5 5 1 0 5 5
Weapons-Affinity Physical Air Fire Earth Water Light Dark
Bonus 14 -3 -3 5 5 5 5

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