This is about the Air Affinity Phantom Class creature with 230 HP. For the otherwise similar Air Elemental with 380 HP, see Storm Air Elemental

Like most Phantoms, Air Elementals have high resistance to chaining. Targetting the Body is essential, and single attacks are recommended if the player's chain attacks are missing.

Less HP than the Storm Air Elemental; same elemental resistances and almost the same weapon Type resistances. Atypically of elementals in games, it has two high elemental resistances, the obvious Air and the inexplicable Fire.

No phantoms wear armor; only Accessories.

Hit Points Magic Points Strength Intelligence Agility Speed
230 120 134 118 112 24
Body Locations Physical Air Fire Earth Water Light Dark
All 45 75 75 5 45 45 45 10 12 35
Body Locations Evade Chain Evade
Arms 0 192
Head 15 32
Body 5 32
Legs 25 192


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