Significant spells Ashley may come to rely on (Eureka, Pyro Guard, and Terra Guard) are found here, giving a degree of control not seen in the game thus far.

Eureka reveals traps, and Pyro Guard and Terra Guard offer not only protection but the opportunity to autonomously control the Affinities on Ashley's armor.


Goblin Leader

It may only be delaying the inevitable, but Goblins show considerable expertise in defensive tactics.

It may be worthwhile attempting to increase Human Affinity on a separate weapon, or at least one that will not waste the Human affinity. Phantom increases will never reduce Human, and vice versa, and SILVER weapons have an innate Phantom bonus) before venturing too deep into their lair.

There are three obligatory battles (aka Bosses) in this area, a rate which is unlikely to be seen again until the Great Cathedral. One Dragon (Evil-Dragon weapon), one Phantom (Phantom-Human), and a Beast (Beast-Undead weapon); the latter is resistant to chaining attacks, irregardless of good Affinity (chain resistance is applied even if Ashley had a chance to hit).

Rooms Edit

• • • Dreamers' Entrance • • • The Crossing • • • Miners' Resting Hall • • • Conflict and Accord • • • The End of the Line • • • The Earthquake's Mark • • • Coal Mine Storage • • • The Suicide King • • • The Battle's Beginning • • • What Lies Ahead? • • • The Fruits of Friendship • • • The Passion of Lovers • • • The Hall of Hope • • • The Dark Tunnel • • • Everwant Passage • • • Mining Regrets • • • Rust in Peace • • • The Smeltry • • • Clash of Hyaenas • • • Greed Knows No Bounds • • • Live Long and Prosper • • • Pray to the Mineral Gods • • • Traitor's Parting • • • Escapeway • • • See Also • • •

Dreamers' Entrance Edit

Exit to City Walls East
A noteworthy spawn of three Stirges, all of whom always drop one Vera Root (255/255), and Eye of Argon at a 32/255 rate. They all use normal attacks and a small value lifetap ability, 'Bloodsuck'. The third Stirge only appears if Ashley has 210 or more HP. Farming this one hard will make Ashley's life a lot less Risky.

Trigger: HP > = 210 . Spawns third Stirge

The Crossing Edit

Magic Circle

Hellhound Fire Beast. Cure Root 32/255

Miners' Resting Hall Edit

  • Chest: Unlockable with spell. "Stinger" weapon: BRONZE Guisarme + Sand Face, BRONZE Quad Shield + Salamander Ruby, BRONZE Ring Mail, BRONZE Ring Leggings, White Queen gem, Grimoire Visible, Five Cure Bulbs

Trigger: HP > = 190 Spawns the Goblin with the Battle Knife.

BRONZE Ring Sleeve
No armor BRONZE Chain Coif
No armor LEATHER Long Boots

IRON Battle Knife + Swept Hilt grip 32/255. BRONZE Targe 8/255. Spirit Orison 32/255

BRONZE Ring Sleeve
BRONZE Bone Helm
IRON Scimitar 8/255 + Cross Guard grip 8/255. WOOD Circle Shield 8/255. Cure Bulb 16/255

Conflict and Accord Edit


BRONZE Ring Sleeve
No armor BRONZE Chain Coif
No armor? LEATHER Long Boots

IRON Battle Knife 8/255. + Swept Hilt. BRONZE Targe 8/255. Panacea 26/255

The End of the Line Edit

Obligatory battle: Two Goblins, Stirge

The Earthquake's Mark Edit

Eruption Trap

Three Stirges

Coal Mine Storage Edit

Poison Panel trap, Trap Clear panel

Chest with BRONZE Ring Sleeve, BRONZE Chain Coif, Undine Jasper, Fern Sigil

Goblin, Goblin Leader

Trigger: Ashley's HP is 190 or more: 2nd Goblin spawn

The Suicide King Edit

Trigger: enter from north: Obligatory battle: Two Goblins, Stirge

The Battle's Beginning Edit

Obligatory battle: Wyvern with 340 HP. Hyacinth Sigil, Grimoire Ignifuge, Cure Tonic 255/255

Trigger: Second and successive entry: Remove Wyvern, replace with two Hellhounds. Each drops Cure Bulb at 32/255

What Lies Ahead? Edit

Heal Square Trap

The Fruits of Friendship Edit

No enemies

The Passion of Lovers Edit

No enemies

The Hall of Hope Edit


The Dark Tunnel Edit

Magic Circle (Save, and later, Teleport)

Trigger: Enter Hewn from Nature room in Snowfly Forest. Remove the spawn of two Goblins and a Goblin Leader, replace with a Beast Dummy. One of the Goblins only appears if Ashley has 205 HP or more

The room to the North leads only to a room locked with the Silver Key

Everwant Passage Edit

The door to the West is locked with the Silver Key

Goblin and Mimic

Mining Regrets Edit

The door to this room is locked with the Silver Key, not available until the Temple of Kiltia

  • Death Vapor Trap
  • Chest: "White Cargo" weapon: DAMASCUS Voulge + Winged Pole, Polaris Exceptional gem, Three Mana Potions

No enemies

Rust in Peace Edit

Chest: Unlockable with spell. BRONZE Chain Sleeve, Salamander Ring, Manabreaker gem, Elixir of Sages, Grimoire Undine

Mimic, Goblin, Goblin Leader

The Smeltry Edit

Obligatory battle: Fire Elemental with 320 HP. Grimoire Flamme, Elixir of Queens, Mana Tonic 255/255

Trigger: Second entry: Remove Fire Elemental, replace with two respawning Hellhounds. Each drops Cure Root at 48/255

Clash of Hyaenas Edit

No enemies

Greed Knows No Bounds Edit

Goblin, Goblin Leader

Trigger: Ashley has >= 205 HP: Second Goblin Leader

Live Long and Prosper Edit

No enemies

Pray to the Mineral Gods Edit

Two Stirges

Trigger: Ashley has >= 205 HP: Third Stirge

Traitor's Parting Edit

Obligatory battle: Ogre with 540 HP. Grimoire Rempart, Elixir of Kings, Three Cure Bulbs 255/255

The Ogre boss, and others like it, is chain resistant. 192/255 chain evade, except for the Body, which is 32/255 and resistant to normal damage. So either single attacks against another part of choice, or chains to the Body

Trigger: Second entry: Remove Ogre, replace with two respawning Hellhounds. One drops Cure Bulb, one Vera Bulb, both at 16/255

Escapeway Edit

Exit to Undercity West. No enemies

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