Accessories are equipped on the same screen as Armor and Weapons. Ashley begins the game with the Rood Necklace, a memento of his wife Tia. Each accessory has descriptive text which often sheds light on Ivalice and its past

Other than the obvious Morgan's Nails, Marlene's Ring and Nimje's Coif items from the Time Trials, one superior accessory does not come in the normal course of completing the game and opening chests: the Tamulis Tongue. Palolo's Ring is also worth mentioning for being available relatively early for its power; it makes an excellent backup for the Sylphid Ring, which has to be the most valuable early game accessory for its weapon Type Resistances.

A few Accessories are not available in the first playthrough, but only with a New Game Plus

Accessories Edit

Statistics Edit

Accessory Class Affinity Type Attributes
Agales' Chain -5 Beast, Human
+15 Evil
+10 Edged +3 STR, INT
Agrias' Balm +15 Light
-10 Dark
+10 Edged
+15 Piercing
Agrippa's Choker -10 Light
+15 Dark
+10 Blunt
+10 Piercing
Balam Ring -12 Human, Beast
+30 Evil
+15 Blunt
+5 Edged
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Beaded Anklet -12 Dragon, Evil
+30 Phantom
+15 Blunt
+10 Edged
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Cross Choker +30 Undead
-12 Phantom, Dragon
+5 Blunt
+15 Edged
+10 Piercing
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Diadra's Earring -25 Light
+30 Dark
+5 Blunt, Piercing
+15 Edged
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Dragonhead -5 Human, Evil
+15 Dragon
+5 Blunt, Piercing
+20 Edged
Edgar's Earrings -5 Phantom, Dragon
+15 Undead
+10 Blunt
+5 Piercing
Fafnir's Tear -12 Human, Evil
+30 Dragon
+10 Blunt, Piercing
+5 Edged
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Ghost Hound -5 Dragon, Evil
+15 Phantom
+5 Edged
+15 Piercing
Gnome Bracelet -10 Air
+15 Earth
+5 Edged
+15 Piercing
Kadesh Ring +30 Light
-25 Dark
+5 Edged
+15 Blunt
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Lau Fei's Armlet -12 Beast, Undead
+30 Human
+5 Edged
+15 Blunt
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Lionhead +15 Physical +10 Edged
+15 Piercing
Marduk +30 Air
-25 Earth
+10 Blunt
+5 Piercing
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Marlene's Ring +25 All +25 All +20 STR, +25 INT, +5 AGI
Morgan's Nails +15 All +15 All +15 All +10 STR, +15 INT, +2 AGI
Nimje's Coif +25 Undead, Dragon
+15 Beast
-10 Human,
-5 Evil
+25 Air, Fire,
Earth, Water
-15 Physical,
-5 Light, -15 Dark
+20 Blunt
-20 Edged
-15 Piercing
+5 STR, +10 INT, +2 AGI
Palolo's Ring -25 Air
+30 Earth
+15 Blunt
+10 Edged
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Pushpaka +30 Beast
-12 Undead, Phantom
+10 Blunt
+5 Piercing
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Rood Necklace +5 Undead, Evil
-5 Dragon, Phantom
+5 Light, Physical
-5 Dark
+1 INT
Rune Earrings +10 Phantom, Evil
-10 Dragon
+10 all except
-10 Piercing +3 INT, +1 AGI
Rusted Nails +30 Physical +15 Blunt
+5 Edged
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Salamander Ring +15 Fire
-10 Water
+10 Blunt
+5 Piercing
Swan Song +15 Beast
-5 Undead, Phantom
+5 Blunt
+15 Edged
+10 Piercing
Sylphid Ring +15 Air
-10 Earth
+5 Blunt
+15 Edged
+10 Piercing
Talian Ring -25 Fire
+30 Water
+10 Blunt, Piercing
+5 Edged
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Tamulis Tongue +30 Fire
-25 Water
+5 Blunt
+15 Edged
+10 Piercing
+5 STR, INT, +1 AGI
Titan's Ring +15 Human
-5 Beast
+10 Edged
+15 Piercing
Undine Bracelet +15 Water
-10 Fire
+5 Blunt, Piercing
+10 Edged

Source and Description Edit

The links below link to the actual room, if there is a single specific one, although where there is need to save space they are labelled by the area the room is in. This way, if the reader wishes specifics on the room, they can follow the link, while also being informed of the broader area.

Accessory Found Text
Agales' Chain Lich in Undercity East, 255/255, once.
Ogre Lord in Limestone Quarry, 255/255, once.
Chest, Undercity West
Necklace forged to torment Agales, the duke of
the underworld, by the great sage Solomon.
Agrias' Balm Quicksilvers and Shriekers: 6 in Undercity East,
5 in Iron Maiden B2, 2 in Escapeway: 8/255.
Crusader in Temple of Kiltia, 3/255
Balm used by the great knight Agrias
as told in the Zodiac Brave Story.
Agrippa's Choker Shriekers: 4 in Second Dungeon of the Iron Maiden
Choker imbued with evil, made by the alchemist Agrippa.
Said to now imprison Agrippa's soul
Balam Ring Lich Lords in Iron Maiden B2 and Iron Maiden B3 Ring bearing one of the 47 scattered shards of
the great devil Balam, guardian of knowledge
Beaded Anklet Chest, Excavated Hollow in Limestone Quarry Anklet worn by Mullenkamp, a dancer,
and the head priestess of ancient Kilita
Cross Choker Ogre Lord Tormentum Insomniae
in Second Iron Maiden, 13/255
Decorative leather choker with a pendant
in the shape of a cross
Diadra's Earring Chest in Forgotten Pathway.
Liches in Iron Maiden B2 13/255.
Death next to Godhands 8/255
Earring favoured by the famed beauty Diadra,
who was fated to bring sadness and ruin
Dragonhead Chest in The House Gilgitte in Town Center East Talisman made from a dragon skull.
Aids slightly in battles against dragons
Edgar's Earrings Chest behind Gold Key door in Limestone Quarry Earring possessed by a demon-wight,
worn by the great necromancer Edgar
Faufnir's Tear Lich Lords in The Strappado and
Dunking the Witch in Iron Maiden B2
Necklace bearing a crystal, Faufnir's Tear,
wept from the dragon's eye when it died
Ghost Hound Chest in Temple of Kiltia.
Lich Great Cathedral in Great Cathedral 255/255 once
Armlet imbued with the vain ambition of those
whose names the storytellers do not sing
Gnome Bracelet Chest in Second Abandoned Mines Bracelet imbued with an
earth spirit
Kadesh Ring Chest in Forgotten Pathway.
Liches in Iron Maiden B2 13/255
Silver ring with rose and snake motif,
symbol of the love and fertility goddess Kadesh
Lau Fei's Armlet Ogre in Iron Maiden B2 Armlet of might worn by the legendary
queen of the Titans, Lau Fei
Lionhead Chest in Limestone Quarry,
Quicksilvers 8/255 or less
Necklace with a lion's head
Marduk Liches near Godhands 8/255 Nose-ring that is said to have been
owned by Marduk, the storm deity
Marlene's Ring Asura in the Time Trials Ring worn by the sage Marlene, said to
prove her half-devil, half-human blood
Morgan's Nails Death in the Time Trials Nails worn by the evil sorceress Morrighan
in the tales of the old land
Nimje's Coif Ogre Zombie in the Time Trials Coif worn by the water nymph Nimje
in the tales of the old land
Palolo's Ring Lich Lord in Crumbling Market
and near Godhands in Undercity West 8/255
White gold ring adorned with the
wings of the earth deity, Palolo
Pushpaka Chest in Sale of the Sword in Undercity East
Ogres in Iron Maiden B2
Earring made in ancient times to talk
with the Pegasi drawing the chariot 'Pushpaka'
Rood Necklace Ashley starts the first playthrough with this item Necklace with the rood of the Iocus priesthood.
Once owned by Tia.
Rune Earrings Minotaur Zombie in The Gallows
in the Wine Cellar 255/255 once
Silver earrings engraved with
ancient Kildean lettering
Rusted Nails Liches in Undercity West 8/255.
Rosencrantz equips but never drops
Claws of iron worn by Rinomy,
the ancient Kildean tactician
Salamander Ring Chest in First Abandoned Mines.
Neesa equips but never drops
Ring with the essence of a salamander
fire spirit
Swan Song Grissom equips and drops 255/255
in Snowfly Forest
Chest in First Abandoned Mines
Brooch a poor craftsman made for his wife.
Lauded for its quality after his death
Sylphid Ring Chest in Snowfly Forest Ring imbued with the essence of a sylph
air spirit
Talian Ring Death next to Godhands, 8/255
Water Elemental Iron Maiden B2 3/255
Delicate ring used by the sea spirit,
Talia, to pacify the Kraken
Tamulis Tongue Lich Lord at Crossroads of Rest and
The Body Fragile Yields near Godhands
Tongue stud favoured by the
fire god Tamulis
Titan's Ring Chest in Undercity East.
Minotaur Lord in Temple of Kiltia 255/255.
Guildenstern wears but never drops
Ring worn by the Titan's of legend,
large enough to be used as a bracelet by mortals
Undine Bracelet Chest in Undercity West
Tieger equips but never drops
Arm bracelet imbued with the essence
of an undine water spirit

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